Portable Fabric ClearSpan Buildings & Coverall Structures

G&B is one of the original companies responsible for the concept and development of the Portable Fabric Structures now in use throughout North America. 

We have designed, sold and erected more than 2,500 buildings for over 2,000 satisfied customers. Our affordable structures are tough and easy to set up in all soil and weather conditions.


Our Certified Building Crews Install Year Round

Invest with G&B's Portable Clear Span Fabric Structures

We CoverAll Your Assets

We’ve designed our buildings to adapt to your individual requirements. From the Oil Fields to the Arctic, from Riding Arenas to Grain Storage, Mobile Workshops to Machine Shops and Manufacturing to Retail and Distribution Centres, “we have done it all.”

Our Clear Span Buildings are Portable, Durable, Attractive and come with a 16 Year G&B Backed Warranty.



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Serving Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, BC, NWT
and the Arctic

G&B has Dealers and Offices to serve you across Western Canada. We also specialize in Certified Remote Installations for the Oil & Gas, Mining and Commercial Industries throughout Canada's North.

Fabric Covered Buildings Provide Better Working Conditions


Maximum Light Transfer

G & B Fabric covers allow up to 80% of the natural light to enter your building. Whether you are working in a maintenance facility, riding in an indoor arena or stacking pallets in a warehouse, you’ll appreciate the natural lighting of a Portable Fabric Building. As an added benefit, you will save money during the day by eliminating the electrical costs of artificial lighting. At night, the fabric cover reflects light evenly throughout the building and reduces shadows.

Warmer in Winter and Cooler in Summer

Unlike metal clad and wood frame buildings, fabric structures do not conduct or radiate heat from sunlight into the building making it easier to maintain a constant temperature.

Fewer Drafts and Leaks

Tension fabric covers are virtually air and water tight unlike steel clad or post frame buildings.

Steel Truss Fabric Covered Buildings are Cost Effective


Lower Purchase Price

Portable Fabric Buildings are often 20% less expensive than traditional buildings. Fabric over steel buildings are pre-engineered and prefabricated.


The Clear Span Design Adds More Useable Space

There are many cost effective foundation options from screw anchors to sea cans to moveable concrete blocks. G&B’s certified installation crews will have your building safely and professionally installed in no time.

Clear Span Structures add More Useable Space

Clear Span Buildings

The unique hoop design of a portable fabric building gives you a totally unobstructed floor space up to 200’ across or more. This is ideal for event centres, riding arenas and commodity storage.

Fabric Covered Buildings are Portable and Resalable


Easily Portable Between Locations

While most are intended as permanent structures, the unique design of fabric over steel buildings allows you to easily and economically transport them to another location. Smaller structures can be moved by crane while others can be disassembled, repackaged and shipped. This makes your structure an asset that can be sold when it is no longer needed or when it’s time for an updated facility.

Portable Fabric Structures Have Low Operating Costs


Low Maintenance

Fabric buildings are highly resistant to rust and corrosion. The coated fabric is resistant to dirt and mildew and is self-cleaning in the rain. Maintaining the proper tension on the fabric will keep your building looking like new. G&B also offers a comprehensive maintenance program to get maximum life and performance from your fabric structure.


Inexpensive Repairs

The unique design of fabric over steel buildings allow for simple minor repairs which can be done by the owner on-site.

Coverall Fabric & Truss Buildings Maintain a Healthier Environment


At Work and Play


Portable Fabric Buildings have larger air volumes due to the high dome. Exhaust fumes rise and clear through the building’s vents. Natural lighting also contributes to a more comfortable environment.


In the Dairy Barn or Horse Stable

Fresher air and natural light results in happier animals with more even characters. In dairy barns, the addition of more natural light increases milk production. Breeding cycles are also more even and consistent.

Fabric Buildings Withstand Higher Snow and Wind Loads

Hoop Building Design

The Fabric Tension Over Steel Building receives additional strength from the half round dome design. The polyethylene fabric offers a virtually friction free surface preventing the build-up of any appreciable snow load. It has the added benefit of being self-cleaning in the rain. Both steel clad and post frame structures require more trusses and cross supports to manage the same loads which drives up their cost.


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