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Since the early advent of the Portable Fabric Structure, G&B has been a recognized industry leader in the design, engineering, manufacture, installation and service of Tension Fabric Buildings across western Canada. G&B Clear Span Structures are in use from northern Ontario to the west coast and from major urban centres to Canada’s Arctic.

From basic cold storage to an insulated maintenance building, G&B Portable Fabric Structures offer features, value and a return on investment that is unmatched in the industry.


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The Fabric Building Industry Leader


Turnkey Service

G&B offers a true turnkey service. From custom design and engineering to certified installation and maintenance programs, the process is simple and seamless. See our About Us page for details.

Certified Personnel

Our trained customer service representatives are on hand to answer all your questions and get you started in the right direction.  All inquiries receive a response within 24 hours.

CSA approved

G&B Portable Fabric Buildings meet all national building codes and are CSA approved. Site specific engineering is also available to meet any local requirements.

Pre-Engineered & Certified Buildings

G&B offers a variety of installation options to meet your needs. Our pre-engineered and pre-packaged buildings can be erected with off-site support from a G&B supervisor or we can provide your install crew with an on-site supervisor. Turnkey installations are also available with our trained and certified installation teams across western Canada and the north. G&B professional installations come with a 100% one year guarantee.


Some of the Many Benefits of Clear Span Structures


Natural Lighting for Improved Working Conditions

Bright and airy are just a couple words to describe the environment inside a G&B Portable Fabric Building. The fabric cover allows natural light to enter the building and eliminates the cost of additional artificial lighting during daytime hours. In the evening, light is reflected off the cover and dispersed evenly throughout the building eliminating shadows and dark areas. The high peak allows for ample air circulation and odours and exhaust are vented out of the structure.

Open Floor Space with a Clear Span Width of up to 200’

G&B Structures Hoop Dome Design provides maximum strength and stability without the need for support posts or pillars which inhibit access throughout the building. For cold storage, machine shops or retail space, you’ll get maximum use from your G&B Structure.

Easily Relocate your Tensioned Fabric Structure

G&B Buildings are designed and engineered as permanent structures but also have the unique ability to be transported to other locations. This is ideal for short term applications like temporary remote site shops or road and bridge work. Your building can also be disassembled, refurbished and resold.

Lower Capital Investment and Operating Costs

G&B Fabric Structures are often priced at 80% or less of a comparable steel or wood structure. Combined with a much lower erection cost, you can get more building for your initial investment. Reduced lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation costs make these buildings less expensive to operate. Most maintenance and repairs can be performed on-site by your staff or you can choose an ongoing G&B Maintenance Plan.

Industry Leading 16 Year Building Warranty

G&B offers a no hassle warranty on all G&B Buildings in addition to a one year 100% guarantee on professional installations.


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Innovative Options to Customize Your Building



From a concrete slab to piles, concrete blocks to shipping containers, or even a built in tubular steel foundation, G&B has solutions to meet every need. Speak to a G&B designer today to find the perfect fit for your application and budget.
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Heating, Ventilation and Insulation

Work in comfort all year round with an insulating, heating, air conditioning or ventilation package for your G&B Fabric Building. While fabric buildings are naturally warmer in winter and cooler in summer, there are many cost effective options to control and maintain your working conditions and efficiencies.


Choose Your Fit & Finish with Custom Entrances, Doors and Windows

G&B Overhead Doors offers a wide array of overhead and garage door options for your new building. Many of these options can be upgraded or added at a later date to an existing building. Click here to visit G&B Overhead Doors.


Fabric Buildings are the Ideal Solution for




RV Storage


Remote Site Shops


Cross Dock Buildings


Maintenance Facilities


Vehicle Maintenance Facilities


Cold Storage


Sale & Storage of
Corrosive Materials


Distribution Centres


Aircraft Hangers & Maintenance


Equipment Storage


Recreational & Sports Facilities


Waste & Recycling Facilities


Event Centres


Commodity Storage


Construction Site Covers


Car Dealerships


Dry Dock Covers




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