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Patch Kits ready to ship in hours to your location.
  • All colors in stock ready to ship,
  • comes with everything you need to apply the patch,
  • cleaning solution, patch, install in minutes.
Call for pricing all we need to know is size of hole or holes and the location to ship patch materials.  


Pre-Paid Preventative Maintenance Program

G&B Portable Fabric Buildings come with a 16-year warranty; if an annual maintenance check is performed, it will extend the life, looks, and functionality of your building for 25 years or more. 

In addition to our standard maintenance services, we are proud to offer a 5-Year Pre-paid Preventative Maintenance Program that will save you money in the long-term. This program covers scheduled annual inspections to identify and solve problems on your Portable Fabric Buildings.

What are the benefits of the Pre-Paid Preventative Maintenance Program?

  • Lower your maintenance costs with a 25% discount for up-front payment.
  • Assure all safety and engineering standards for each of your buildings are met by testing high tension rails and other important structural components.
  • Repair all immediate issues including: anchorage systems, small fabric tears, and fabric tension.
  • All documentation including inspection, repairs and testing is prepared and sequestered.
  • Provide one point of contact at G&B for your sales & maintenance needs.

How much does this cost?

  • Actual pricing will be dependent on location, size, and condition of building.

What if I don’t have a G&B building? 

  • Whether you have one of our buildings or one from elsewhere, we sell the best and service the rest. 


48' X 84' Pre Engineering Building





  • 8' straight leg
  • One solid fabric end wall
  • One 16x16 roll up fabric door
  • Base rail foundation
  • Engineered screw in anchors
  • Man door frame. 
  • 16 year warrenty
  • Buildings are engineered for live loads up to a 60 lbs
  • Complete building package ready to ship to your location FOB Winnipeg. 
  • Over 1000 Liner feet in stock 
  • $29,879.00

30' Wide Fabric Buildings On Sale! 








  • Straight leg profile,
  • Comes with one solid fabric end wall,
  • One 14x14 roll up fabric door,
  • Base rail foundation,
  • Engineered screw in anchors,
  • Man doorframe.
  • Buildings are engineered for live loads up to a 48 lbs,
  • 16-year warranty.


  • $11,412.00 (6 In Stock)


  • $14,131.00 (6 In Stock)

24' X 40' Wide Fabric Building On Sale!








  • Straight leg profile
  • One solid fabric end wall,
  • 12x14 roll up fabric door,
  • Base rail foundation,
  • Engineered screw in anchors,
  • Man door frame,
  • 16-Year warrenty,


This Fabric Building is engineered for snow loads up to a 44lbs

Complete building packages are ready to ship to your location FOB Winnipeg.

We only have 8 in stock so act fast!

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