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Staging Facilities 


On Site Warehousing for Construction Projects

Great for construction site projects


Cold Storage Buildings


Sand & Aggregate Storage 


Spill & Oil Containment Centres


Work Camps and Housing


Oil & Gas Processing Facilities


Pump Stations


Large Equipment Maintenance & Storage


Storage of Corrosive Materials


Waste & Recycling Plants


Recreational & Event Centres


Commodity Storage

Great for Grain and Hay Storage. 


Auto Mechanic and Repair Shops


Cross Dock Building


Remote & Temporary Shops


Sports Arenas and Community Centres


Car Dealerships


Distribution Centre


Dry Dock Covers


Livestock Shelters and Barns

Hog Barns, Calving Barns, Dairy Barns, Team Roping, 


Farm Equipment & Implement Storage Buildings


Equine Riding Arenas & Stables

Fabric Buildings are great uses for Horse Barns and Shelters. Not only are the G&B Fabric Buildings used for shelter, but our Fabric Buildings provide great clear span space for any Equine Training Requirements. Our Fabric Buildings can be used for Team Roping, Reining, Barrel Racing, Cutting, Show Jumping, Pleasure Riding, O-Mok-See, Team Penning, Dressage, Lunging, Eventing, Heading and Heeling, Vaulting, Gymkhana, etc. 


Farm Repair & Machine Shops


Fertilizer Storage Buildings


Temporary Fabric Structures


Portable Fabric Shelters 


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Serving North America and the World with Fabric Tent Structures and Steel Trusses.