Fabric Covered Freestanding Buildings for Mining, Oil & Gas

For over 20 years, G&B Portable Fabric Buildings has been the leader in supplying Clear Span Structures to the Oil & Gas, Mining and Industrial Warehousing Industries. Many of the Tension Fabric Structures in use today evolved from concepts and designs developed by G&B Buildings. To date, G&B has over 1,800 satisfied customers using more than 2,500 G&B structures.

At G&B, safety and risk management are top priorities. To make sure we adhere to Workplace Safety regulations throughout North America, we have incorporated a Digital Workplace Safety Program to help us manage all our jobs. By utilizing these sorts of systems, we are able to monitor and comply with all workplace safely regulations. We are also CWD and COR Certified as well as members of ISN and Avetta. 

As concerned custodians of our North American environments we offer many zero imprint initiatives. We ensure all of our structures are erected with minimal or zero environmental impact.

We offer a wide variety of turn key fabric building options, specializing in off the grid resource storage solutions and work applications. Our Pre-Fabricated, Pre-Engineered Buildings are also constructed of heavy duty Commercial Construction Materials ensuring lifelong dependable service for all Resource based applications.


Our Certified Building Crews Install Year Round

Why Choose G&B's Prefab Cold Storage Buildings?

Certified, Pre-Engineered Industrial Fabric Buildings

Full Service

G&B designs, engineers, manufactures, erects and services buildings from throughout North America. We have crews based in throughout Canada and the United States. 

Certified Personnel

All G&B equipment and personnel are certified for oil & gas construction. We use industry approved rig matting which helps us reduce environmental impact and achieve a zero footprint installation.

Pre-Engineered & Certified Buildings

G&B fabric tension buildings are fully engineered and certified to meet all American and Canadian building codes. Site specific engineering and preparation is available to meet the specific requirements of your application and location.


Live, Professional Customer Service

G&B provides professional and personal customer service. All calls are answered by an experienced professional who can provide immediate service and begin answering all of your questions. We follow a detailed process to help you progress from an original building concept to a finished installation. A post purchase follow up is conducted 30 days and 150 days following installation to ensure that everything is meeting your expectations. For more details, see our About Us page.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

You can minimize your risk with our optional Preventative Maintenance Program. Regularly scheduled maintenance keeps your buildings functioning at peak performance and meeting all safety and engineering standards. Our emergency response teams are also available 24 hours per day. When it is time for a new structure, a portion of your maintenance fees may be applied to a brand new design.

Multiple Installation Options

G&B also offers several installation options. Our most popular is a complete turnkey program where a G&B installation crew handles the entire process from site preparation to final sign off. You can also choose to have an on-site G&B site supervisor work with your own installation team or simply provide off-site support and advice.

Freestanding Steel Truss Fabric Covered Buildings

Maximum Light Transfer

G&B’s high tension fabric covers allow up to 80% of sunlight to pass through into the building. This reduces or eliminates the requirement for additional lighting during daylight hours. Whether you are performing vehicle and equipment maintenance, working in a remote site shop or in a processing facility, you’ll enjoy a natural and a comfortable working environment.

Clear Span Buildings up to 200’+ Wide

The arched hoop design of G&B Structures eliminates the need for the vertical supports found in post frame construction. You can maximize every inch of floor space for on-site warehousing, frac sand storage or staging facilities.

G&B Fabric Buildings are Portable and Resalable

Your G&B Portable Fabric Building can be cost effectively disassembled, transported to another location and then re-installed. For smaller buildings and shorter distances, the building may even be moved by crane. This gives you the flexibility of having one building for multiple uses over a long period of time. The building may also be refurbished, recovered and resold when it is no longer needed in service.

Lower Cost than Traditional Structures

G&B buildings are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated. The price of a G&B structure may be up to 20% less than a comparable post frame or steel structure, particularly when you consider the lower installation cost. Our tension fabric buildings are also low maintenance and most repairs can typically be performed on site by your own maintenance staff.

Hassle Free 16 Year Product Warranty

Your new G&B building is backed by an industry leading product warranty, one year 100% guarantee on our professional installation and our satisfaction guarantee on your building, site design and project management.

Customizable Commercial & Industrial Cold Storage Buildings


There are many different foundation options to choose from depending on your application and budget, ranging from screw anchors, to concrete slabs to transport containers. 


Heating, Ventilation and Insulation

G&B Fabric Buildings keep your workspace cooler in summer and warmer in winter. For greater comfort in winter, your building can be insulated to your specified R-value. Infrared & gas heaters are also a cost effective option. The high peaked dome design provides additional airspace and allows fumes and exhaust to naturally vent from the building. Additional vents, fans and ductwork can also be added.

Doors, Windows and Side Entrances

Overhead doors, bi-folding doors, and roll up doors are just some of the available options.  Man doors and windows can be added during erection or at a later addition. (Visit G&B Doors for More Details).


Fire Retardant Fabric Covers

Whether required by code or as an added measure of security, G&B fire retardant covers help protect your property and your people.


Freestanding Fabric Covered Building Solutions

Practical & Economic Solutions for the Oil & Gas and Mining Industry. 


Staging Facilities


Aggregate Storage Systems


On-Site Warehousing


Spill Containment Centres


Auto & Large Equipment Maintenance


Work Camps and Housing


Cold Storage Buildings


Oil & Gas Processing Facility


Frac Sand Storage


Pump Stations


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