Fabric Buildings & Riding Arenas for Sale

For over 20 years, G&B has been providing fabric buildings for riding arenas for horse enthusiasts from Northwest Ontario to the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia. G&B’s clear span tension fabric structures provide a perfect environment for horse and the rider with natural lighting, superior air quality and ventilation, as well as many custom design options.

G&B fabric buildings are affordable, cost effective, durable and come with a 16 year warranty.

Why Choose G&B's Fabric Clearspan Riding Arena's

Fabric Tension Buildings have Clear Advantages over Quonset Buildings, Post Frame Buildings and Pole Buildings. Fabric Buildings are superior for applications like Equestrian Training Centers & Riding Arenas.

Tension Fabric Buildings Advantages

Cost Effective Construction: 

With Minimal Site Preparation Requirements
Simplified Foundation Kits
Reduced onsite construction with prefab trusses
Lower energy footprint with 80% sunlight transfer
Higher ceilings provide better ventiliation with operating machinery
Maximized unobstructed space from clear span design
Fabric buildings cost less per square foot than competing styles of buildings
Building can be relocated or can be easily extended.

Affordable and Easy to Maintain

The cost per square foot of a G&B fabric building is often lower than a traditional post frame or steel clad building. Once installed, your riding arena requires minimal maintenance.

Professional Real Time Customer Service

G&B’s expert staff provide you with answers to all your questions ensuring you get the tensioned fabric building perfect for your riding arena. All inquiries receive a response within 24 hours.

Industry Leading Warranty

Your arena comes with a hassle free warranty of up to 16 years, giving you peace of mind knowing your investment is safe and secure.

Building Installation Options

A Certified G&B Installation crew can manage the entire erection process from site preparation and permitting to the final fit and trim. Site Supervisors are also available if you prefer to have your own team manage the installation.

Your New Riding Arena is Pre-engineered and Certified

G&B clear span buildings will meet or exceed all national building codes. Site specific engineering is also available to meet local building codes and requirements.


Our Certified Building Crews Install Year Round

Benefits of Equine Riding Arenas & Stables

Natural Lighting for Improved Performance and Healthy Environment

Fabric Buildings provide up to 80% natural light transfer for a more comfortable fabric building. Building operating costs are reduced as artificial lighting is not required during daytime. Natural light also provides for more consistent reproductive cycles in mares.

Eliminate Shadows and Dark Areas

The fabric cover disperses natural light evenly throughout the building. Artificial light is reflected evenly by the fabric cover eliminating shadows and dark areas which can distract your horse or cause it to balk.

All Weather Solutions for Year Round Riding, Training and Competitions

Your G&B Fabric Covered Building lets you ride and compete regardless of the weather conditions.

High Energy Efficiency and Reduced Operating Costs

Fabric Covered Buildings do not conduct or radiate heat. This allows for a more consistent internal temperature which is cooler in summer and warmer in winter when compared with traditional wood or steel clad structures.

Clear Span Open Floor Design

The unique design of your G&B Building provides the maximum usable floor space by eliminating support posts and pillars. Our clear span buildings can be installed with widths of up to 250’ or more and unlimited length.

Reduce Noise for a Quiet,Calm Environment

The fabric roof of your G&B Building absorbs noise and reduces echoes. This allows both the horse and the rider to remain calm and focused.

Superior Air Quality & Ventilation

The large air volume provided by the unique coverall dome design results in superior air quality and air circulation. Harmful molds and dust borne bacteria are reduced for a healthier environment.

Reduced Capital Investment

G&B Fabric Covered Buildings require a smaller initial investment, lower maintenance costs and faster installation times than traditional post frame buildings. G&B’s buildings are pre-engineered, certified and installed by professional, highly trained installation crews.

Custom Designs and Options

G&B Buildings are designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Multiple options for foundations, overhead doors, windows, heating and ventilation make your G&B building a one-of-a-kind structure to meet your architectural design ideals.

Customize Your Fabric Covered Riding Arena


Depending on your location you can choose from various foundation options including screw in anchors, wood pony walls, concrete blocks and poured concrete.

Heating and Ventilation

While the design of your fabric building provides good air quality and circulation, additional ventilation components may be added. Insulations and heating systems are also available for those cold winter days.

Doors, Windows and Custom Entryways

Your G&B Riding Arena is totally customizable with many overhead and walk though door options, windows, breezeways, covered entrances and interior finishes such as offices and horse stalls. (Click here to visit G&B Overhead Doors)


Fabric Covered Horse Training & Riding Arenas

Great for Hosting Equestrian & Rodeo Events


Team Roping


Team Penning


Barrel Racing












Show Jumping


Heading & Heeling


Pleasure Riding








Want to Build Your Own Equine Centre or Riding Arena?

Building an arena is a major investment. It is important to do perform research prior to deciding on a final building design. The following articles provide information on building sizes and types, foundations, footing surface preparation, ventilation and more. We thank the authors for providing us with these outstanding articles. Select the links below to read the full articles. 


Below are some important factors to consider prior to purchasing your new Fabric Building:


Building Riding Arenas 

Horse Journals’ Lindsay Day discusses different applications and features available for Riding Arenas. Day introduces building structure types such as fabric covered; wood post frame and steel frame. By detailing the differences in applications, Horse Journals provides a detailed overview of the features of Riding arenas. Select the link below for the full article on the features and benefits of riding arenas.

Horse Journals: Building a Riding Arena


Important Considerations Before Building Your Arena

Horse Talks' Neil Clarkson discusses the ideal maintenance and drainage systems for building horse riding arenas. Clarkson identifies the potential issues and solutions to some indoor building problems. Select the link below for the full article on the some problems to be aware of prior to purchasing your indoor riding arena.

Horse Talk: Building A Horse-Riding Arena: Thinking Outside the Rectangle


Going Under Cover with Fabric Covered Buildings

Equisearchs’ article “Go Undercover” discusses the advantages of Fabric Covered Buildings vs Post-and-Beam or All-Steel-Buildings. In this article, the author identifies key features that you need to think about before purchasing your fabric building such as; arena size, locations, steel options, fabric options and more.  Select the link below to read the full article on the benefits of owning a Fabric Building.

Equisearch: Go Undercover


Why We Chose a Fabric Building: Runaway Ranch

RunAway Ranch is located in Illinois and they provide Horseback Riding Lessons, Dressage, and de-sensitizing services. In the article RunAway Ranch discusses why they chose a Fabric Building for their Riding Arena. Select the link below to read the full article.

Runaway Ranch: Riding Arena


Links to Equestrian Associations & Horse Training Information in Alberta


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