Fabric Building Construction and Installation Options from G&B

Check out the Tension Fabric and Structural Design options below. For more information about G&B’s Portable, Temporary or Permanent Fabric Buildings, visit our Building Profiles subpage or Request a Quote today.

Fabric Building Construction and Installation Options from G&B

Below are just some examples of Foundation and Building options you’ll get with G&B. 

Insulation Options with G&B's Portable Fabric Buildings

With a G&B Steel Truss Structure, there are a lot of different types of options for insulating the building and ensuring the R-Value of your construction project is suitable to the environment and working conditions required inside the Fabric Building. Check out these photos for just two examples of insulation provided by G&B.

  • AirFoil which is like a bubble wrap, has an effective R-12 Value, ensuring your buildings maintain the necessary temperatures for properly storing caustic or corrosive materials. 

  • White Laced Batt has a higher R-Value of R-20 and is good for maintenance buildings or equipment repair shops, where more temperature control is required for ideal working environments. The white strapping provides an aesthetically pleasing look, while providing the optimal temperatures for a warmer building.  
  • 100x80-Insulated-Fabric-Building.jpg46x80-Insulated-Tensile-Structure.jpgInsulated-End-Walls-with-GB.jpgInsulated-Fabric-Building.jpgWhite-Strapping-on-Insulated-Fabric-Building.jpgInsulated-Portable-Fabric-Buildings.jpg46x80-Insulated-Tensile-Structure.jpgInsulation-Installation-by-GB-Portable-Fabric-Buildings.jpg
  • Ventilation-Options-for-Portable-Fabric-Buildings.jpgVentilation-Options-with-GB.jpgVentilation-for-Fabric-Buildings.jpgAir-Systems-in-Fabric-Buildings.jpg

Ventilation and HVAC Systems

Climate control is important for Storage, Agricultural and Industrial Buildings. G&B offers Ventilation and HVAC Installations for any of our Fabric Building Construction Projects. If you require a Chimney or other Ventilation Portals to allow for more air flow, give us a call or request a quote for more information on the ventilation systems available with a G&B Portable Fabric Building.

Overhead, Security and Man Door Options 

As part of our commitment to providing superior customer service, G&B’s affiliate company, G&B Overhead Doors, ensures all Security, Overhead and Industrial Garage Doors are installed according to National Building Code Standards. G&B’s Installation crews are certified and fully trained to ensure all Fabric Building Construction Projects are completed according to Customer Satisfaction.

Visit our Overhead Doors Website for more information about G&B ‘s Garage, Overhead and Security Doors or to Sign Up for the monthly G&B Overhead Doors Newsletter. 

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G&B Fabric Building Foundation Options

Moveable Concrete Blocks

Engineered Buildings can be placed on Moveable Blocks, making our Buildings Temporary and Portable. These Concrete Blocks are a cheaper foundation option then poured concrete and are also stackable, making the buildings versatile and adjustable to different height configurations, as required for Large Equipment Storage and Maintenance Buildings. Check out the images for just some of the Customizable Options with G&B.

  • ClearSpan-Fabric-Building-Block-Options.pngBuilding-on-Cement-Foundations.jpgRichmond-BC-Fabric-Buildings-48x96.jpgFabric-Building-Construction-on-Moveable-Blocks.jpgMoveable-Blocks.jpgRecovered-Fabric-Building-on-Moveable-Blocks.jpgOpen-Ended-Building-with-Moveable-Cement-Blocks.png
  • Tension-Structures-on-Sea-Cans.jpgFabric-Building-on-Sea-Cans.jpg40x80-Fabric-Building-on-Sea-Cans.jpgSea-Can-Foundation-Fabric-Office-Building.jpgOpen-Ended-Fabric-Building-on-Sea-Cans.jpgSea-Can-Foundation-50x80-Fabric-Building.jpg

Sea Cans

Permanent Solutions for Tension Structures includes reinforcing the Steel Trusses onto Sea Cans. Sea Cans are great options for buildings that need to have increased Overhead Door Clearance for Large Equipment Storage and Repairs. These foundations are for more permanent structures and are great for additional office and retail space.

Base Rail Options

Base Rails can be constructed with cement or whatever foundation you require. Base Rails are great for Farm & Ranch, Acreage and Hobby or Portable Structures that will need to be dismantled and reinstalled at another location over time. All of G&B’s Portable Fabric Building Designs can be customized to provide temporary or permanent building solutions that work with your business and your home.

  • 48x108-Base-Rail-Construction.jpgFabric-Building-For-Storage.jpg
  • Open-Ended-Building-with-Moveable-Cement-Blocks.pngCement-Foundations-for-Fabric-Buildings.jpg50x50-Salt-Storage-Building-on-blocks.jpgTarp-Structures-for-Storage.jpgTension-Structions-on-Concrete-Foundations.jpg

Poured Concrete

Poured Concrete Foundations are required for Permanent Fabric Building construction. Poured Concrete costs more for the initial installation, but is a great addition for any Fabric Building Construction. With poured concrete, your Fabric Building becomes an additional asset on your property. Our Permanent Structures are guaranteed to last!

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