Building Profile Options from G&B Portable Fabric Buildings

G&B's Standard Building Profiles are listed below with examples of different types of Drawings we create and Buildings we Install. Each Building Profile can be customized to suit your Warehousing and Storage needs. From an engineering standpoint, our environmentally friendly tent-like structures are the best in the industry as our new fabrics come with a 20-year Warranty.

We specialize in Manufacturing, Supplying and Installing Fabric Buildings & Insulated Steel Structures. We also supply and install Hoarding and Construction Site Enclosures. Visit our Contact Us Page or Request a Quote for more information. 

We've installed Portable and Permanent Fabric Structures from the Gulf of Mexico all the way to the Cold Canadian Arctic; from freezing cold to hot and humid weather conditions.

Check out our Building Options page for some of the Foundation and End Wall options available with G&B. Our End Walls can be engineered to any building application, making G&B's structures perfect for Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial Applications. 

Profile Types exclusively from G&B

Building Profile Options from G&B

G&B’s Production Team will work with you throughout the design and installation of every Fabric Building. We’ll explain the parts required and can even provide a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Program to help ensure your Fabric Building and its’ structural components are operating at their peak performance for decades.

Single Pipe Arches

Single Pipe Buildings by G&B are great for the Do It Yourselfers. These buildings are perfect for Garage or Car Ports, Temporary Storage Shelters, Portable Sheds or Shops. These Portable Structures are also great for people who are looking for additional storage space on their Farm or Acreage. Check out our Acreage and Hobby or Farm and Ranch pages for information about the Storage and Farm Buildings by G&B.  

24 Wide

The 24 Wide Box Buildings come crated and in the standard size of 24x40. 

30 Wide 

The 30 Wide Box Building comes crated and in the standard sizes of 30x45 or 30x65. 

The packaged crates are approximately 12ft long, approximately 4ft wide and 3ft high. Check out our Gallery PageVideos Page or Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel. On our YouTube Channel you'll find a comprehensive Step by Step Video for the DIY Installation of the Box Buildings supplied by G&B Portable Fabric Buildings. 

Truss Arches

G&B's Truss Arch Buildings are engineered more specifically for Construction, Mineral Exploration, Large Equine Centres, Event Centres, Recreation and Sports Arenas, Community Centres and more. For every Engineered Fabric Structure our Project Managers work directly with each customer to ensure all construction requirements and permitting is in place for the installation of the Fabric Building. All engineered designs include part numbers, tolerances, and any other pertinent information required for the Building install. These larger sized, and Customized Covered Structures are best suited for Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Applications.

32 Wide

  • 32x48-Fabric-Storage-Building-in-Saskatchewan.jpgFabric-Building-Profile-Design-32-Wide.jpg32x48-Tent-Buildings-by-GB.jpg32-Wide-Building-Profile-Drawing.jpg

Our 32 Wide Tent Buildings are perfect for Small Storage Sheds, Man Caves, Car Ports, RV Storage, Machine Sheds and small Maintenance Buildings or Barns. Visit our Acreage and Hobby page for more information about our smaller tent-style structures.

40 Wide

  • 40x80-Fabric-Building-on-Sea-Cans.jpg40x60-Fabric-Buildings-Inside.jpg40-Wide-Building-Profile-Example-by-GB.jpg

With the 40 Wide Building, your options start to widen. These column free structures allow for a lot more space, which is great for storing multiple recreational vehicles or providing a safe, breathable and healthy environment for your livestock. These smaller structures are great for Farm Storage Buildings and Barns so you can keep your hay, grain and fertilizer safe from the elements this winter. Visit our Farm & Ranch Page for more information. 

48 Wide

  • 48-Wide-GB-Design.jpg48-Wide-Design-for-Tension-Structures-by-GB.jpg

The 48 Wide G&B Building has mainly been used for Large Equipment Storage, Maintenance & Repair Shops. These structures are great for the mining industry as they allow for a quick installation, can be relocated easily and can be sold as an additional asset on your property. With our customizable options, we can assist in the growth of your business by expanding your operations with an extended G&B Portable Fabric Building. Check out our Building Options page or Contact our Sales Team for more information.

52 Wide

  • 52x84-Tent-Structure-in-Manitoba.jpg52-Wide-Fabric-Building-Draft.jpg52x84-Tension-Fabric-Structure.jpg

The 52 Wide Portable or Permanent Building Options are the perfect solutions for multi-purpose buildings. The clear span design, allows for additional space in the interior of the building, providing you with more storage and maintenance opportunities.

60 Wide

  • 60-Wide-Fabric-Building-with-End-Walls.jpg60-Wide-Fabric-Building-Draft-Drawing-by-GB.jpg

These larger sized 60 Wide Buildings are mainly Customized Covered Structures and are best suited for Commercial and Industrial Applications. These large tent structures are the perfect solutions for Multi-purpose buildings and can be used for hosting events, repairing your machinery or providing breathable working conditions for your employees.

72 Wide

  • 72x112-Tension-Fabric-Tent.jpg72-Wide-Fabric-Structure-Drawings-from-GB.jpg72-Wide-Building-on-Moveable-Blocks.jpg

One of our most popular sizes, a 72 Wide Fabric Structure, is the ideal option for the Natural Resource Sector. Choose from any foundation or end wall options. These buildings provide the perfect solutions for Sand, Aggregate and Corrosive Material Storage. Our Fabrics withstand harsh environments and are manufactured to ensure tension and flexibility; allowing for a more enclosed building envelope and to ensure your storage environments maintain the required temperature. Visit our Building Options Subpage for more information.

80 Wide

  • 100x80-Fabric-Building-Truss-Installation-in-Winnipeg.jpg100x80-Fabric-Covered-Building.jpg

G&B’s 80 Wide Building, as with all other building profiles, can be customized for any application. These larger buildings are often used for Riding Arenas or Equestrian Training Facilities as the freestanding, column free structure offers more natural light with a translucent cover. This cover is designed and manufactured to produce less shadows and more airflow, making it the perfect modern design for your next Horse Barn or Horse Training Facility. Visit our Riding Arenas page for more information.

100 Wide

  • 80x96-Oil-and-Gas-Processing-Facility-in-Alberta.jpg80-Wide-Fabric-Building-Drawing-by-GB.jpg80x120-Maintenance-Fabric-Building.jpg

Engineered for all weather conditions and to National (Canada or the United States) Building Code Standards, a 100 Wide G&B Fabric Structure is the perfect solution for Disaster Relief Facilities, Educational and Warehousing, Transportation and Storage, Manufacturing and Fabrication, Processing and Handling facilities as well as Temporary Drill Sites in remote locations throughout North America. With our Zero Impact Foundation Styles and options, we know our buildings will protect your assets. Request a Quote for more information.

Environmentally Friendly Portable Tension Structures

Our Buildings can be engineered with Zero Impact to the Environment. We use our Base Rail Foundation option with a wooden foundation to ensure the most minimal impact on the surrounding environment; ensuring our buildings are built to promote environmentally friendly construction projects. Our Portable Building Systems are perfect for Mining, Exploration and Resource Management Centers. We also provide Building Storage and Maintenance facilities for the Aviation Industry including the installation of Airport Hangers and Airplane Storage or Maintenance Buildings. G&B has also erected buildings in the Military Field and provided Disaster Relief Facilities for Emergency Outreach Programs. Our Buildings can be customized and engineered as Education Facilities, Worship Centers and so much more. Our Crews erect building in remote construction sites and communities, as G&B is committed to providing the best service throughout North America. Visit our Building and Foundation Options Subpage for more information or click here to Request A Quote Today.

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