Clearspan Fabric Buildings & Stuctures for Ranch & Farm Buildings

As one of the original developers of the Portable Fabric Building concept, G&B Buildings has been providing farmers and ranchers with cost effective, multi-purpose clear span buildings for over 20 years.

From grain and hay storage to insulated machine shops, G&B Buildings offer the ideal solution with durable, low cost and completely customizable structures.


Why Farm & Ranch Owners Choose Clear Span Fabric Tension Buildings

Tension Fabric Buildings have Clear Advantages over the following Structures:

Quonset Buildings, Post Frame Buildings and Pole Buildings.

Fabric Tension Structures Advantages 

With Minimal Site Preparation Requirements, Simplified Foundation Kits, Reduced onsite construction with prefab trusses, Lower energy footprint with 80% sunlight transfer, Higher ceilings provide better ventiliation with operating machinery, Maximized unobstructed space from clear span design, Fabric buildings cost less per square foot than competing styles of buildings, Building can be relocated or can be easily extended.

Gold Seal Customer Service

G&B’s highly trained staff and proven customer service process ensure that you get the ideal tensioned fabric structure with all the options to meet your specific needs and budget. All inquiries receive a reply within 24 hours.

No Hassle Warranty

G&B offers a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty of up to 16 years. Professional installations by our certified technicians are 100% guaranteed for one full year.

Turnkey Programs

The G&B team will guide you through the entire purchase process with custom design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance services. 

Building Packages in Stock and Ready to Ship

We maintain a pre-packaged inventory of many of our most common fabric building sizes and designs.

Financing and Purchase Options

Tax benefits, conservation and control of cash and a more attractive balance sheet are just a few reasons to consider a G&B leasing program. Call now for details.

G&B Fabric Structures are Engineered and Certified

G&B’s fabric over steel truss buildings are CSA approved and meet or exceed all national building codes. Site specific engineering is also available when local codes exceed national regulations.

Multiple Erection Options

G&B buildings come pre-packaged with all components necessary for a successful installation. A G&B installation supervisor is available to answer questions and provide assistance, or you can have one of our trained and certified installation teams manage the entire process.



Our Certified Building Crews Install Year Round

Farm Storage Clearspan Buildings

Farm Clearspan Buildings

Natural and Comfortable Working Conditions

Both people and livestock perform better when exposed to natural light.  G&B’s fabric covers allow up to 80% of sunlight to pass through and be dispersed throughout the structure, eliminating shadows and dark areas.  Heat is also reflected making the interior warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  The high volume of air in the peaked dome reduces fumes and odours by naturally venting them outside.

Clear Span Trusses up to 200’ Wide

Unobstructed floor space is essential for indoor riding arenas, commodity storage and other applications requiring unimpeded access. The unique arched truss design eliminates the need for support posts or pillars while dramatically increasing strength and durability.

Permanent or Temporary, Portable and Resalable

One of the unique features of G&B Portable Fabric Buildings is the ease with which they can be relocated.  Smaller buildings can be moved in one piece while larger structures can be disassembled and then re-installed at a new location.  When it’s time to upgrade to a new or larger facility, your G&B fabric structure is a capital asset which can be sold and shipped to a new owner.

Economical to Purchase and Maintain

The cost per square foot of a G&B tensioned fabric building is often up to 20% less than a comparable post frame structure.  Your building requires very little maintenance and most repairs can be quickly and easily performed on site by your own people. Ongoing maintenance programs are also available to keep your building performing up to all industry standards.

Farm & Ranch Steel Truss Fabric Buildings Custom Options


Many of G&B’s smaller portable fabric buildings come with a built-in steel base frame eliminating the need for expensive foundation work. Simply secure your building with screw-in anchors. Larger structures can be erected on concrete pads or walls, wood pony walls, concrete blocks or shipping containers. Your G&B customer service representative can help you find the most cost effective foundation solution for your location and budget.

HVAC Systems

Control your work environment with insulation packages rated up to R40, infrared and gas furnaces, fans or ducted ventilation systems.

Doors, Windows and Custom Entryways

Extra wide or extra tall overhead doors, man doors, roll up doors and all shapes and sizes of windows are available through G&B Overhead Doors. The look and finish of your G&B fabric building is limited only by your imagination.
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Fabric Buildings are the Ideal Solution for


Grain Storage Buildings


Farm Equipment Storage Buildings


Hay Storage Buildings


Farm Implement Storage Buildings


Riding Arenas


Equine Riding Arenas & Stables


Hog Barns


Farm Repair & Machine Shops


Livestock Barns


Dairy Barns


Calving Barns


Fertilizer Storage Building


Farm Storage Buildings


Temporary Fabric Structures


Horse Barn


Portable Fabric Shelters

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